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The Secret Garden

A. About the Author
1. Misselthwaite Manor
2. The Robin
3. The Secret Garden
4. Colin
5. A Bad Night
D. English Gardens
P. Project on the web
6. The Magic of the Garden
7. Mr Craven’s Surprise
A. After Reading

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  • 67 recursos

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    • Inglés

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  • 1. About the Author

    Name: Frances Hodgson Burnett Born: 24 November 1849, in Manchester, England Most famous book: The Secret Garden (1909) Other books: Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886), A Little Princess (1905) Countries: The United States of America, Great Britain Dies: 29 October 1924

  • 2. Misselthwaite Manor

    Mary Lennox is an English girl. She is nine years old and lives in India with her mother and father. She has got blonde hair and a thin white face. She is often ill. Her father is always busy with his work. Her mother is a beautiful woman, and she is always busy with parties and friends. No one has got time for Mary. A lot of Indian servants1 look after Mary. She is not a nice child, because she only thinks about herself. [...]

  • 3. The Robin

    The Robin

  • 4. The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden

  • 5. Colin

  • 6. A Bad Night

    A Bad Night

  • 7. English Gardens

    Gardens are very important in Great Britain and most British people have got a garden behind their house. A lot of British people grow plants, flowers and vegetables in their gardens. Some also like visiting the gardens of big important houses. In the summer there are flower and vegetable shows, with prizes for the best flowers and the biggest vegetables. In May you can visit The Chelsea Flower Show in London. [...]

  • 8. Project on the web

    Connect to the Internet and go to Hampton Court Gardens' official website.

  • 9. The Magic of the Garden

    The Magic of the Garden

  • 10. Mr Craven’s Surprise

    When they go back home in the evening Colin’s doctor is waiting for him and Mary. ‘Don’t stay outside for a long time,’ says the doctor. ‘You must be careful, Colin, because you’re very weak.’ ‘I’m not weak and I’m not tired,’ says Colin, looking out of the window. ‘I feel well and tomorrow I’m going to stay outside all day. You can go now.’ The doctor is not pleased with Colin’s answer and leaves the room. ‘The poor doctor,’ says Mary. [...]

  • 11. After Reading

    After Reading

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