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I see colors everywhere

Which is your favourite colour? Maybe you don't already know it's name in English. Don't worry! Using videos, songs and some funny exercises you will soon know the names of the colors in English. Are you ready!?

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    • Castellano

Secuencia didáctica

  • 1

    I see colors everywhere

    In this activity we will see a music video in order to learn the colors. We will use this video to introduce and present what we are going to do

  • 2

    Let's talk about colors!

    In this activity we will learn the name of some colors using a video. In the beginning we can do it together, then the teacher can ask to someone. We learn colors and the phrase 'What color is it?' so that this activity will be very complete.

  • 3

    It's time to paint!

    After the video, the teacher will give the children some drawings and pick the ones he or she like more. Then students will paint using the colors. To finish the activity, the teacher will ask each student what are the colors used in their draw. 'What color is it?'

  • 4

    Let's work it!

    In this activity we will use some interactive app's to learn and improve all the colors we have already learnt

  • 5

    What colors do you like?

    Do you know what is your favorite color? In this activity we will see some videos to emphasize the colors. The teacher, after the first video, will ask to each kid 'What colors do you like?'. Before the second video, the teacher will ask if someone knows what a rainbow is. Then we will see the musical video and, then, we will sing the song together.

  • 6

    The rainbow

    In this activity we will draw and paint a big rainbow with watercolors. Once painted, it will be hang in class. But, first of all, we will take a look to some rainbow pictures.


  • To Learn the colors
  • To sing songs in English
  • To recognize which colors are present in the everyday life
  • To do a collaborative work
  • To ask if he/she need's help
  • To learn the colors of the rainbow
  • To use differents techniques to draw
  • To develop some digital skills

Criterios de evaluación

  • To distinguishe the colors
  • To use properly watercolors
  • To develop skills in digital devices and apps
  • To know how to work collaboratively
  • To identify colors in daily elements
  • To ask for help or be helped by mates when the student has a doubt
  • To recognize a rainbow

Cursos y asignaturas

  • 5 años:
    • Lengua
    • Biología
  • 6 años:
    • Lengua
    • Biología